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CM works pro-actively with each client to define, conceptualize and assist in the orchestration of a responsive program.


We conduct in-depth research to determine perceived and real needs, review operation policies for optimum client and customer benefits, and document our findings in an understandable format.


CM understands and believes that a great experience is mirrored not only in ambiance but is also reflected in the quality service and amenities.


We listen to our clients and make positive change suggestions, reflecting new ideas, new approaches, and the latest in industry technology and operating techniques.

  • Concept Development

    Successful ventures do not happen in a vacuum or by accident. Major endeavors are pulled together during early initiation stages through concept development and feasibility planning.

    CM works with clients during this stage to develop:

    • Background & Needs
    • Commercial Viability
    • Concept & Operational Goals
    • Ideate
    • Preliminary Sketches
    • Cost Estimations



  • Feasibility & Strategy

    Foodservice projects without a sound plan and strategy can become costly and time consuming

    We work with our client and their team to develop a plan that ensures smooth transition for long term success through:

    • Long Term Planning & Strategies
    • Commercial & Operational Feasibility
    • Customer Survey & Research
    • Business & Operational Planning
    • Space Planning
    • Staffing Matrices
    • Cost Benefit Analysis


  • Design Process

    CM is proud of its unique position and experience, helping every client in the coordination of the design process from start to finish in a flawless manner.

    We offer the following services during this stage:

    • Review and Report on Existing Conditions
    • Conceptual Drawings
    • Schematic Plan
    • Space Allocation & Work Flow Diagrams
    • Cost Estimates
    • Utility Estimates
    • Design Development
    • Contract Document
    • Bidding & Contract Negotiation Reports
    • Services during Construction Management
  • Business Advisory Services

    Many times, a business’s success rests on choosing the right operating management company, or implementing a proper operation plan with a vision for achievement and growth.

    In this segment we offer the following services to our clients:

    • Program Development
    • Operator Selection
    • Request for Proposal (RFP)
    • Contract Negotiation
    • Operation Analysis
    • Operation Audits
    • Market Surveys
    • Contract Compliance Evaluations
  • Additional Services

    CM offers the following services to clients upon request:

    • Peer Reviews
    • Training Programs
    • Menu Development & Maintenance
    • Liaison with Health Department
    • LEED Evaluation and Documentation
    • Value Engineering

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